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Multifunctional Cleaning Borescope
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Multifunctional Cleaning Borescope

Nondestructive testing (NDT) real-time inspection cleaning with SD card recording

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Exclusively for trade customers

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  • Industrial videoscope with spraying cleaning function

  • The results can be seen easily by endoscope tool with camera built-in.

  • Extra-long hose with special nozzle

  • For direct application to the air conditional unit heat exchanger

  • Real time cleaning inspection of the narrow parts

  • Nondestructive testing (NDT) video to inspect real-time the sprayer mouth working

  • Playback is available in the menu bar after finishing the cleaning process.

Contains lithium batteries

Please follow the below regulations when do maintenance for the borescope.

1. Please follow the user manual to operate the borescope, if do not read this manual carefully, please do not use it.

2. Please store this machine in dry and ventilated environment.

3. If inside the lens there is congelation, please do not use it, need to evaporate before using.

4. Clean the machine properly, do not use acetone, use 70% alcohol solution to clean, and use dry cloth to wipe LCD screen gently.

5. If the machine crashed please check the defective parts that may affect operation and repair before using.

6. Do not use this machine in environment with temperature over 60 degree.

7. Protect well the probe and camera head, do not bend to much(especially cannot bend 180 degree)

8. Please do not disassemble the machine beyond the manual, otherwise do not enjoy the warranty.

9. After using the machine, please clean the bottle with clean water. Clean itself with spraying and dry the machine body, tube, lens spraying mouth and remaining water on the bottle cover with glasses cloth.

10. Please place the machine fore rake when do not have air in, to avoid residue liquid backflow to gun internal.