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Compressor K 290
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Compressor K 290

Extremely reliable, rugged and long-lasting mobile compressor

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Exclusively for trade customers

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Prices for customers after login

An optimum ratio between extraction and supply quantities allows effective and cost-effective working procedures

Control panel with manometer, pressure regulator and quick-action couplings

  • High level of user comfort

  • No more stooping

Pressure switch and filter unit with condensate outlet

Motor protection, start-up relief and regulated, clean compressed air

Large fan impellers and recooling ribs

Optimum cooling and heat dissipation for longer service life

Solid rubber wheels, support feet, protective panel and hooks for winding up the cord

  • Robust, compact and stable machine

  • Particularly suitable for mobile use

The compressor has two quick-action couplings

  • One coupling for regulated pressure and one for full, unregulated tank pressure

  • Straightforward connection of a pneumatic hose

How to choose the right compressor

  • Determine the air consumption per minute of the pneumatic devices to be connected from the information on the catalogue pages or the operating instructions. But be careful: Normally, average values under normal working conditions with breaks are specified. In continuous operation, these values are many times higher. With nail guns and staplers, the air consumption per operation must be multiplied by the number of operations per minute, e.g. 2.2 l/impact x 40 impacts/min. = 88 l/min.

  • Compare the consumption of the pneumatic devices with the delivery rate of the compressor.

  • Select a compressor with a reserve of at least 30–50%. The greater the reserve, the longer the service life and the more efficient the compressor.

The output of a generator must be 4-5 times as high.

The units are not subject to regular testing by the German TÜV association