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Light Weigth Body filler VAKU

Light weight body filler VAKU
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Product information:
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Premium Light Weight Body Filler with outstanding properties.
  • Light weight polyester body filler formulated for fast work, dries rapidly and is easy to sand
  • Its creamy texture and good spreading allows easy repair of large areas
  • Excellent adhesion on iron, steel, aluminum, galvanized and hot galvanized surfaces, GFRP and wood
  • Optimum elasticity for achieving closed, smooth surfaces
  • Ensures fast, time-saving further processing (sanding, filling and application of top-coat lacquer)
  • Easy to sand, minimal dust development during sanding
  • High filling capacity and non-sag property

These instructions are only recommendations, which are based on our experience, preliminary testing advised before use.



  • In vehicle construction and motor vehicles repair with universal adhesion on steel, aluminum, zinc and GFRP


  • In machine construction for compensating blowholes and welding spots
  • Universal adhesion on steel, aluminum and zinc


  • Excellently suited as repair putty for use in the construction sector
  • For universal use on all types of wood
  • Excellently suited for wood restoration, in window and door
  • construction. Not suitable for oily types of wood
  • Do not use on heavily weathered surfaces

The surface must be clean, dry and grease free. Lightly sand surfaces. Only sand polyester material when completely dry.

Technical information


1998 ml

Weight of content

3000 g

Chemical basis

Polyester resin



Hardener content

2 %


1.25 g/cm³

Density conditions

at 23°C

Max. working life

48 h

Min. working life

16 h

Conditions for working life

at 23°C

Conditions for drying time

at 23°C

Min. drying time

15 min

Max. drying time

20 min

Min. processing temperature

35 °C

Max. temperature resistance of the hardened material

120 °C

Max. permissible VOC concentration

5 %

Max. VOC concentration

3.6 %

Shelf life from production

6 Month

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