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Compressed-air filter / Regulator Semi-automatic

Pressure regulator UFR w. filter a. man. semi-auto

Art.-no. 0699101121
EAN 4053479197319

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Compressed-air filter / Regulator Semi-automatic

Art.-no. 0699101121

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Regulates the pressure and retains the humidity of the compressed air system and increases the performance and service life of pneumatic tools

Semi-automatic drain

Similar to a check valve: it is closed when pressure is applied and opens when pressure is removed.

No flow loss and no problems with leaks

No double nipples required for connection.

Easy mounting

Wall bracket included.

Minimal space requirement

Block design.

High degree of cleaning of the compressed air

With 5 μm filter element

Precise adjustment of the working pressure

From 0.5 to 10 bar

Lockable pressure regulator

Fixes the set working pressure

  • Observe the correct installation of the air intake as indicated on the device.

  • The unit must to be installed vertically with the plastic containers turned down to ensure the proper operation.

  • Before removing the cup, make sure there is no air pressure in the unit.
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Application area

Professional and industrial use on pneumatic systems (compressed air) in mechanical and tire workshops, automotive body shops, metalworking and carpentry.


The service units consists of two components:

  • The filter: cleans the air of dirt and condensed water.

  • The regulator / manometer: enables the setting of the exact working pressure for optimum tool performance.


The service unit should always be installed as close to the consumers as possible.

Connection thread

1/2 inch

Flow capacity

2600 l/min

Min./max. operating pressure

0.5-10 bar

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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