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Specially fused alumina sanding tip, pink

Sanding tip, corundum, pink

Art.-no. 068075

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Specially fused alumina sanding tip, pink

Art.-no. 068075

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The professional tool made from specially fused pink alumina for universal use on steel and cast steel.
  • Long service life and low tool wear thanks to a wear-resistant grain and a tough bond that retains its shape.

  • High edge stability for economic use on low-speed drive motors.

Wear appropriate protective equipment when using the sanding tip, such as eye protection, hearing protection, a dust mask and protective gloves. Please note the recommended rotation speed (n) and cutting speed (Vc) for the material being processed as well as the tool/material assignments in the overview tables. When using the drive spindle extensions, the specified rotation speeds and cutting speeds must be significantly reduced to prevent the shaft from bending. This is a matter of safety. Before using the sanding tip, please ensure that the tip rotates properly and that the clamping function on the tool drive works correctly. Regardless of the length of the shaft on the tool, the clamping length must be at least 10 mm.

To use sanding tools safely, please note the following information:

  • The sanding tips are approved for a maximum peripheral speed of 50 m/s. The maximum permitted rotation speeds for various shaft lengths and diameters are specified in DIN 69170, which is based on EN 12413. Each packaging unit comes with an accompanying sheet that specifies the maximum permitted rotation speeds of the tool. This must be strictly observed in order to prevent the shaft from bending during use.

  • The tools are fragile and must therefore be handled and transported with care. The tools must be stored in such a way that prevents them from being exposed to mechanical loads and harmful environmental influences.

  • Do not use damaged or broken sanding tips.

  • When using sanding tools, please observe the FEPA safety recommendations. Download: http://www.fepa-abrasives.org

Product information

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Application area

For use on machines with a flexible shaft drive as well as on straight grinders. For use on edges and for deburring work on steel construction parts and cast steel parts, as well as for removing burrs and for grinding of chamfers when preparing and post-processing weld seams.


20 mm

Working length

30 mm

Shaft length

40 mm


70 mm

Shaft diameter

6 mm

Grid size


Type description

ZY 2030

Material of abrasive medium

Fused aluminium oxide


Ceramically bound

Material to be processed


Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

Product information

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