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Vehicle dry sandpaper disc RED PERFECT®

Sandpaper disc Red Perfect

Art.-no. 0581353032

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Vehicle dry sandpaper disc RED PERFECT®

Art.-no. 0581353032

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x10 pcs

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Used to sand fillers and filler compounds, old paints, HS top-coat paints, water-based paints, factory primers on new parts, plastic parts and composite fibre materials (e.g. GFRP).

No tearing or fraying of disc around edges and extraction holes

Thanks to the highly tear-resistant plastic film

Quicker grinding times and effective operation with very positive results

  • 21-hole pattern for thorough all-over vacuuming of sanding dust

  • Suitable for all commercially available adhesive discs

Very high material removal rate and long service life

Thanks to extremely broad scattering in conjunction with stearate coating

Product information

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Application area

Grains P 80-P 120

Initial sanding of factory primers on new parts (KTL paints), sanding off old paint, sanding out stone-chip damage and rusty areas, sanding dented areas down to bare metal, pre-sanding of polyester and fine filler, levelling of filler edges.

Grains P 100-P 500

Initial sanding of old paint during transition to new paint, matting of top-coat paints, sanding of plain paints, thermoplastic acrylic paints, clear lacquers, water-based paints, thick-film, primer, synthetic resin and nitro fillers, spray filler, 2-component and MS filling primers, and reaction primers.

Grains P 600-P 3000

Removing dirt and flaws, orange peel effect, trapped dust and paint runs in clear lacquer.



Diameter (Ø)

150 mm

Grid size


Hole pattern

Multiple perforations

Adhesive system

Hook and loop

Material of abrasive medium

Aluminium oxide

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

Product information

Würth Catalogue

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