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Foam Gun SP1

Foaming appliance SP1 pneumatic

Art.-no. 0891703128
EAN 4048539708727
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Foam Gun SP1

Art.-no. 0891703128

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For intensive foam cleaning of surfaces and parts.

Non-runny, firm foam.

  • Great cleaning power.

  • Loosens stubborn dirt reliably and quickly.

Highly effective.

  • Efficient use thanks to visible application of the cleaning agent.

  • Optimum foam yield.


Minimal waste water contamination thanks to conservative use of the cleaning agent.

Easy to use.

Ready for use in a short amount of time.

Two diffusers.

Can be used over small or large areas.

  • Do not use cleaning agents that contain acids, bases and/or are easily flammable.

  • We recommend using BMF Cleaner or Absobon Engine Wash. A constant air pressure of 6 – 8 bar is required for optimum output utilization.


After using the SP1 Foam Gun, fill the tank with water and rinse out the gun to remove cleaning agent residue from the unit. Then turn the green lever to the horizontal position and pull the trigger to remove the remaining water from the unit head.

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Application areaCars, trucks, buses, construction machines, land and forestry, vehicle preparation, building facade cleaning, equipment maintenance and much more.
  • Remove loose dirt from the surface to be treated.

  • Fill the supply tank of the SP1 Foam Gun with cleaning agent according to the mixing specifications from the manufacturer.

  • Screw on the appropriate diffuser, depending on the application.

  • Connect the compressed air.

  • Rotate the green lever to the vertical position to open access to the cleaning agent.

  • Cover the object in foam, allow the cleaner to work in (but not dry) and then clean thoroughly with water.

Volumetric capacity

1 l

Connection thread

R 1/4 inch

Operating pressure

6.3 bar

Product weight (per item)

950 g

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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